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IRS E-File Refund and Payment Schedule for 2017 Tax Year

It’s officially Tax Time 2015!

Today is the official start of IRS Tax Time 2015.

The IRS announced late in December that today would be the first official day to begin accepting tax returns. Have your filed your taxes already? If so, use our 2015 Tax Refund Schedule to track your 2015 tax refund status.

Need to file your taxes or need IRS help? Check out our Free Tax Filing options. Also not got your W-2 or 1099’s back yet? Estimate your 2015 Tax Refund with our Tax Refund Calculator.

Tax Season 2015 Starts TODAY! It’s Tax Time 2015. Details below:

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Tax-season will be starting on time this year despite a last-minute tax law that was passed by Congress, along with other tax reforms that caused delays in 2014. Taxpayers can start filing their 2014 tax returns on January 20, 2015.

In the past, last-minute tax laws have delayed and tax filing season. Earlier this month, Congress passed a bill that extends more than 50 tax breaks that had expired at the beginning of 2014. The new extension allows tax payers to claim them when they file their 2014 returns.

Millions of taxpayers file the returns during the first few weeks of tax season so they can get quick refunds. The Internal Revenue Service is able to issue most of the refunds within 21 days if the returns were filed electronically, since this is the fastest way to get a refund.

Though tax season starts on time this year, the IRS says that refunds might be delayed because of IRS budget cuts.

The process of filing 2014 tax returns may be a little more complicated, says the IRS. The federal government has additional forms because of ObamaCare, and if you normally call the IRS during tax season with questions, your call might not be answered in time because only about half of those calls are estimated to go through.

This is the first filing season with new laws under the Affordable Care Act.

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